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A Jedi uses Force wave on a sith

Force Wave is in the force telekenesis catagory, and is one of the more powerfull members of this group.

The force wave is a destructive and potentialy lethal force power, used by Jedi and Sith alike. It is a concusive blast of energy, relised all at once. Unlike force push the firce wave can be seen and heard. The sound is usualy described as a loud thunderclap. (this can be heard in star wars ep. 1 when darth maul, pushed Obi-Wan into the pit on naboo)

A Force wave looks like a milky, silver/blue shockwave eminating out of the hand of the force user.Also unlike the force push, the force wave which is like a hand picking up and moveing the item in question, a wave is like hiting it with a base-ball batt, causing pysical damage to the item and causing it to fly back, acording to the laws of pysics (another distinction from force push).

Whem used against a living being, the force wave can deliver blunt force trama to the victim, which can, depending on the power of the wave, damage internal and external organs. Brain damage, lung colapse, heart failure, bone pulverisation and other damage to other organs is posible, the entire body may even explode from the presure, (this would require a very powerfull force user) this can be quite messy. When walls and other hard sufases are in the equation, the damage can be even more seviere